Emerging Technology Solutions

Opening Endless Possibilities with Emerging Technology

There is endless new technology in the market but very few are there serving right for business. Our Emerging Technology Service is a combination of technologies like:

  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • AR (Augmented Reality)
  • BLE Solution
  • Automation

Adopting the best Digital Solutions at the Right Time

We are making the solution form the Emerging Technologies that fits rights for your business. Technology and solution we present have the disruptive power of shifting your business to the digital world. The solution we make in collaboration with these technologies help your business to chat with customer while having a friendly face, AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) fed system to improve business productivity and efficiency.

Teaming Up with Augmented Reality

What if we say that we can provide you with a better way to present your product or service? That right, we can. Our team of AR developer collaborate with our mobile application development team to create your virtual products. We make the solution available on all the screens possible. No matter your user is using a tablet or a mobile phone. They can experience every single perspective of your product virtually. With AR you will be able to explain your services in better ways possible.

Building Smart Ecosystem with IoT and BLE Solutions

Some business requires to have their machines into a proper synchronization. We, at Techradius, knows how to set up a network between all the essential devices to make your business or service more efficient and dynamic. In BLE solution e provide services like RSS, Automation, Alert/ Push Notification, and Data linking. We started off from just the file-sharing function then we keep on adding with more services with time. Now we are among the best IoT and BLE solution Providers.

AI and Blockchain, A Legendary Combination

Artificial Intelligence is been among us for a very long time. We just started implementing it with our IT solution. This implementation has helped so many businesses with their chatbot system. Not just it Blockchain solutions also help in creating a smart contract between parties. Also collecting work done and reports are far easy with blockchain solutions. Blockchain also provides a secure process than other file sharing platforms. Get your personalized system ready with us.

Getting a Helping Hand from Automation

Automation might be old but it is still one shinning Gold piece. Many businesses do not have big human resources for each and every task. If you are one of those, your business can take help of Automation process. Automation is an easy way to mimic human tasks. This not just increases the work speed but also removes human error. Not just it, it can be applied to work regions like printing, marketing, agriculture and business management. We open all the possibilities in which automation can help you.